‘It’s a beautiful thing really’

UPS helps father-son startup compete
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Dr. Turner Osler and his son Lex are the co-founders of QOR360 – a company producing award-winning chairs designed to relieve back pain. The duo began their journey when Dr. Osler couldn’t find a chair to ease his own back pain and they decided to build their own.

The QOR360 chair allows users to move while they sit, engaging core muscles in the back and alleviating back pain. Dr. Osler plays the mad scientist role, as he puts it, while Lex runs the operational side of the business.

Dr. Osler said, prior to working with UPS, “I put everybody’s address in one document and would cut out a piece, and that would be the shipping label.”

“As we grow, ShipStation and UPS allow us to sell and fulfill with the same quality as billion dollar companies,” Lex said. “I assembled and boxed hundreds of chairs. Now with the help of ShipStation and UPS we’ve been able to streamline all of that. It’s a beautiful thing really.”

Check out this video to see how UPS helps this small business and father-son duo compete in a tough market.

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