From professional swimmer to businesswoman

UPS helps bring swimwear from Spain to every corner of the world
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Rainbowwear is a woman-owned and run personalized swimwear company located in Valladolid, Spain. When the pandemic hit, the company took on all the challenges that came with it by embracing cross-border e-commerce.

Why it mattered: "With the arrival of the pandemic we shifted our manufacturing to medical gowns and protective masks… while still making some swimsuits," said owner Henar Alonso-Pimentel García, a former professional swimmer. “Foreign sales started growing, so successfully exporting to those customers depended greatly on dependable cross-border transport.”

How UPS did it: With 98% of Rainbowwear’s orders coming from outside of Spain, tailor-made UPS solutions for cross-border e-commerce have been key:

Proudly Unstoppable: In addition to her many swimming accomplishments, Henar has also received awards as an entrepreneur. The Rainbowwear workforce is also led by women, as 15 of her 17 employees are female.

UPS is shining a global spotlight on women-owned small and medium-sized businesses on the Proudly Unstoppable landing page.

Learn how UPS is committed to engaging with and supporting women-owned and diverse businesses. 

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