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Trusting UPS with ‘emotional e-commerce’ – and how a new flight helps
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The tailorshop of G. Inglese is a brand known globally for its high quality, often dressing celebrities and royal families.

But getting their artistry from the southern Italian town to rest of the world is always a challenge, and they’ve relied on UPS as a partner for years. UPS is vital for what they call their “emotional e-commerce.” That is, instead of worrying about transportation logistics, they focus on what they do. 

“Our creations do not lie in stock, each piece is tailor-made and needs care,” said Angelo Inglese, owner and tailor of G.Inglese. “We dedicate the precious time saved in the stages of pickup and delivery of goods to production and customer satisfaction.”

For small businesses like G.Inglese, pickup and deliver times can offer a crucial competitive advantage.

A new UPS flight on the Naples-Milan Malpensa-Cologne route – covering both southern and northern Italy – will help businesses like theirs by extending the cut-off time for when packages can be picked up, potentially extending production times and reducing time in transit.

“Our goal is to keep moving the world forward by delivering what matters for all our customers at the same reliability, efficiency and speed of service throughout the country,” said Karl Haberkorn, managing director of UPS Italy. “Thanks to this new UPS flight Italian companies can take even better advantage of cross-border trade opportunities and our smart global logistics network in a time when they need every advantage.”

Japan was the first overseas market G. Inglese reached 20 years ago, followed by the U.S. which remains one of their main destinations. They are now looking toward new opportunities in the east and China.

“Export is business growth, plain and simple,” Angelo said. “Together with UPS we can be unstoppable and reach the most promising international markets.”

Note: Image captured pre-pandemic

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