India's women entrepreneurs gain trusted exporting expertise from UPS

Women Exporters Program offers training, tips and tools
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Did you know? About 20% of the 63 million small businesses* in India are women-owned. In the most populous country in the world, that percent represents some serious numbers – in fact, McKinsey estimates that boosting this segment could add as much as $700 billion to global GDP.

At UPS, our own research shows that women-owned businesses are the biggest beneficiaries of improvements in digital trade. We believe that supporting women isn’t just the right thing to do by offering resources and expertise, we all succeed together.

A helping hand: So, how do we make sure that doors open and stay open for the women entrepreneurs of India? We offer training on international trade and documentation while providing mentoring and networking opportunities through the UPS Women Exporters Program (WEP).

Hear firsthand from two graduates who are taking their products to the global market:

Moutushi Roy, Svojaas Fashion

“I was a merchandizer before and was limited by the scope of my job. I knew the inner workings of only one department.”

Moutushi Roy owns Svojaas Fashion. She started her own business selling scarves and jewelry as a side hustle. Only two years later, she had made it her full-time occupation.

“I didn't know how to ship products, manage documentation, business terms and conditions, or even how to buy insurance for my products. The WEP has sharpened my business skills and given me a 360-degree perspective about my business.”

Bhavna Nagrani, HHN &Co.

“Before I joined the program, the biggest challenge I faced as an exporter was how to manage documentation.”

Bhavna Nagrani owns HHN & Co, offering pet products and services. Her company is growing rapidly alongside the booming Indian pet and online food industry.

“The program more than exceeded my expectations. I gained in-depth knowledge from experts, and what I loved the most was meeting so many like-minded people, including women entrepreneurs and mentors.”

Zoom out: Launched in March 2023 in partnership with the India SME Forum and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the WEP graduated 500 women in its first edition. Over 100 of these graduates have since gone on to successfully export their products to the U.S. and EU.

We know that when women thrive, communities thrive. To-date, the program has supported more than 107,000 women and diverse small business owners around the world. We’re ensuring women and diverse entrepreneurs have a seat at the table and contribute to the global economy.

*Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

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