From farm to table with help from Ware2Go – a UPS company

Discover how a small business improved delivery speed while staying sustainable
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Palouse Brand is a family-owned farm that grows, processes, packages and ships legumes and grains directly to consumers. When CEO Sara Mader launched Palouse Brand online, demand skyrocketed, overwhelming their fulfillment team. To keep up with orders, they often had to shut down sales channels.

Enter Ware2Go – a UPS company that provides order fulfillment and storage space – which connected Palouse to its nationwide warehouse network.

The result? “Products can now be picked up from our facility in Washington state, transported to a Ware2Go facility, processed and ready to sell in as little as 72 hours,” said Sara.   

Not only was Palouse Brand able to deliver on their commitment to their customers, but they were also able to deliver on their commitment to sustainability. By distributing their inventory across five warehouses, they kept inventory as close as possible to their customers, speeding up delivery times and decreasing their carbon footprint.

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