For Edel-Optics, UPS Returns are just as important as deliveries

UPS helps optician deliver on its vision for the future of online eyewear shopping
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“Glasses are the new sneakers,” said Dennis Martens CEO at Edel-Optics. “And just like new sneakers, customers need to find the right fit for their glasses.”

Try them on: Edel-Optics is building a customer experience to replicate in-store shopping using virtual technology. And while its customers use a virtual mirror showing how these glasses may look on them – there’s still no substitute for trying them on. Edel-Optics needed a shipping partner that understood its unique needs and had the right mix of reliable solutions. That’s where UPS comes in.

UPS makes returns easy which means Edel-Optics customers can order, try on and return as many pairs as they like – hassle-free – until they find the perfect fit,” said Farah Amrani, head of sales and solutions, UPS Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

No fit, no worry: For Edel-Optics customers, sending glasses back is as simple as printing out a UPS Returns shipping label and dropping their package at any nearby UPS Access Point location. The result? No more funky glasses that clash with your inner fashion diva.

Edel-Optics offers 50,000 different styles of glasses and sunglasses in its online shop, which is available in more than 50 countries. The size, scale and complexity might be a challenge for other shipping partners, but not UPS.

“UPS is all about giving customers options – and not just any options, but reliable ones,” said Dennis. “This is one of the most important strategies in e-commerce, and [Edel-Optics] found that whatever we wanted to offer our customers is available with UPS.”

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