Eco-friendly paint company Kalklitir brings color to the world with help from UPS

Committing to environmental goals means finding partners with shared values
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Making a choice: Imagine you’ve built an environmentally friendly business. Obviously, you’d want a shipping partner that shares your values and offers services that meet your needs. For eco-paint company Kalklitir, UPS carbon neutral shipping was the natural choice.

“We always make decisions primarily from an environmental standpoint. It’s who we are,” said Viktor Hjartarson at Kalklitir.

Shared values: Kalklitir, a Belgian business with Icelandic roots, produces paint products in powder form that are low emissions, low waste and low toxicity. The company aims to be carbon neutral by 2025, and a shipping option that works toward that goal is critical. With UPS carbon neutral shipping, transport emissions from Kalklitir’s products are offset by supporting projects like reforestation, landfill gas destruction and methane destruction.

At UPS, sustainability isn’t just a promise; it’s an action plan. Our carbon neutral shipping option helps us achieve a lower carbon footprint. We have a responsibility to put sustainability at the core of our operations, and that’s why we’ve committed to 100% carbon neutrality by 2050.

Global success: With the help of UPS’s reliable worldwide shipping, the eco-paint brand has seen its customer base expand beyond Europe to locations around the globe. Our easy cross-border shipping options give Kalklitir’s customers a choice of delivery speeds, anywhere in the world.

“We began shipping with UPS and we’ve never looked back. We had a positive feeling from day one,” said Fanný Hjartardóttir, director of sales at Kalklitir.

And thanks to our global network of 55,000 UPS Access Points, Kalklitir’s customers have even more delivery choices, with products reaching the U.S. from Belgium in as few as two days.

It’s easy to do business with UPS…schedule a free 15-minute virtual consultation to find out for yourself!

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