Like father, like sons, like sons and so on

Drill America – family owned and operated for three generations and counting
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When Jack Barnett’s uncle founded his tool business over a hundred years ago, he didn’t set out to create a family legacy. But through the years, Jack and his sons – Rick, Elliot and Marc – joined the family business, along with grandsons Andrew and Jeremy, and other extended family members.

In addition to three generations of Barnetts, there are several other father-and-son teams at Drill America.

“The people involved in our company see it as their second home. And, very often, they want to bring on more of their family,” Elliot said. “It's totally organic. We never think about it; it's just what evolved.”

With locations in New York and Florida, Drill America supplies industrial and contractor cutting tools to distributors. And they proudly offer UPS one- and two-day shipping to every state in the U.S.

“Our partnership with UPS began because it made our lives easier,” Andrew said. “Here we are 50 years later, and it’s still making our lives better and more efficient.”

The team recently partnered with UPS Customer Solutions to completely transform their warehouse processes. In less than a year, they were operating differently and more efficient than ever.

Over the years, the Barnetts have received offers to buy the business, but they’ve always declined.

“We tell them, no, we're not for sale,” Elliot said. “We want this to go on and on.”

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