Lifting up the voices, identities and life experiences of our LGBTQ+ UPSers

Celebrating pride in inclusivity
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Allyship in action: UPS celebrates the contributions of all LGBTQ+ employees and allies during Pride Month and throughout the year. "You belong at UPS" is a rallying cry that comes to life everyday for UPSers around the world as we bring our truest selves to work and give each other genuine support.

Our core values: We have a long-held commitment to inclusion and belonging. We believe that our differences make us stronger, and we mobilize the talents of LGBTQ+ employees and their allies as we deliver for our customers and communities.

Through pictures and perspectives, members of the UPS Pride Alliance Business Resource Group – which has chapters with presence in the U.S., Belgium, Colombia, and the Nordics – share the value of inclusivity in recognition of Pride.

Darragh, 25 years with UPS

“UPS's support for the LGBTQ+ community means a lot to me,” says Darragh. “Through our BRG’s shared experiences, we learn how we are more alike than different. During Pride Month, I celebrate our community, its rich history, and its bright future.”

Levi, 7 years with UPS

“Joining a BRG allows employees to influence and impact UPS,” says Levi. “Our Pride Alliance BRG hopes to make a positive impact in our communities and inspire others. Our local community involvement represents UPS’s values in action.”

Amy, 30 years with UPS

“As a people manager, my employees are my top priority,” says Amy. “I just want the youth to know that they can live a good life and share the dream of a happy family, no matter who they are. Our company’s efforts are fantastic, and the fact that we are so involved in various LGBTQ+ organizations makes my heart very happy and proud.”

Kaylah, 14 years with UPS

Pride means love and freedom – to proudly and fabulously live your truth out loud,” says Kaylah. “When my son was younger, and my wife and I were dealing with medical treatments, I was able to work at UPS part time and restructure my work and personal life. This level of comfort has been important for me.”

Stephanie, 34 years with UPS

“UPS’s support of its LGBTQ+ employees is an acknowledgement of our community,” says Stephanie. “Our company was a leader in offering benefits to domestic partners initially, then spouses. I’m proud that this community has come so far. It’s ongoing, and not a smooth road, but it’s important to remain engaged and create a stronger community as so many did before my time.”

Actions speak louder: Supporting LGBTQ+ communities and their allies is about showing up day in and day out and putting in the work behind our words.

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