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At UPS, part-time employees are eligible for benefits like little-to-no-cost healthcare, tuition reimbursement and pensions, opening up a world of opportunity and flexibility. Learn more.
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At UPS, part-time jobs come with healthcare with $0 premiums, competitive pay, reliable hours, tuition benefits and more. It's no wonder a part-time job at UPS routinely turns into a full-time opportunity. Read on to find out more.

At UPS, our part-time roles are a proven path to full-time opportunities, but that’s not the only reason people seek out part-time roles at UPS. The competitive pay, industry-leading benefits and stability that come with part-time jobs at UPS create a world of possibility for our employees.

Low-cost healthcare

Both full- and part-time* employees receive healthcare benefits without premiums and with little-to-no additional costs. These benefits help provide employees with the flexibility to pursue a side hustle or passion project, attend school or support family needs, without adding worry about covering medical expenses. Our employees and their families have comfort in knowing their access to low-to-no-cost healthcare is secure.

UPSer Rene Aranda was working part time as a package handler for UPS with a goal of becoming a driver when he was diagnosed with necrotizing pneumonia, a rare lung infection that often causes respiratory failure. Rene lost most of his left lung. Doctors told him it would take almost a year to recover and advised he should let go of his dream to become a UPS driver.

But Rene was motivated: “One day I was looking out the hospital window and saw a UPS driver. I made up my mind that I was going to try until my body said ‘no.’” Just five months later, he was cleared to return to work, and a month later, a driver position opened up.

Reflecting on his journey, Rene told UPS, “Working 3-5 hours a day and here I was getting the same health insurance as a driver. Because of my job and benefits, insurance took care of almost all of my medical bills. It was a huge blessing to know that my family wouldn’t be financially devastated by medical bills.”

Competitive pay and reliable hours

Part-time pay at UPS is competitive with others in our industry. Part-time wage rates across the U.S. vary, with the average wage rate being $20 per hour after 30 days; that number can go to $23 or more per hour in certain parts of the country. In many locations, hourly pay is supplemented by attendance bonuses.

And at UPS, part-time roles typically come with standard, scheduled hours. Employees are guaranteed 3.5 hours each workday and typically have the same start and stop time. In other industries and at other companies, part-time hours can be unpredictable and unreliable. Part-time employees at UPS don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be able to secure enough hours each week.

This stable base of pay, security and ability to follow a set schedule allows our employees more flexibility to pursue interests outside of UPS and to feel secure in meeting their personal and family obligations, no matter what life may throw their way.

Super UPSer Roger Campbell is a part-time pre-loader at UPS, a position he’s had for 25 years. In addition to UPS, Roger pursues several passions. He has two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and a PhD. He is a member of the US Army Reserve, and he teaches college-level swimming and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, roles he considers “activities,” not jobs. “I love being in the Army. I love serving my country. I love teaching swimming… I think it’s a life skill. I obviously love teaching my students, and I love working for UPS,” he says.

Tuition programs

Our part-time employees are encouraged to take advantage of the tuition programs we offer. At a time where the biggest hurdle to completing a higher education degree is financial strain, we strive to take some of that worry off our employees.

Most U.S. employees are eligible to earn up to $25,000 (lifetime maximum) to be used for college tuition and expenses through the company’s Earn & Learn and tuition reimbursement programs.

One notable example of this commitment to education is in Louisville, KY, where we offer the Metro College program in partnership with the state of Kentucky. Employees enrolled in this program work in our sorting facility and receive housing, transportation, and full tuition at the University of Louisville or Jefferson Community and Technical College.

We are grateful for our part-time, full-time and seasonal employees and the commitment they bring to their roles – it’s been an important contributor to our growth over the last 100 years.

Did you know: More than 14,000 part-time employees advanced to full-time roles at UPS in 2021. 

*Part-time employees are eligible after a short waiting period.

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