How Miriam Arnero became a model for safety and excellence 20 years running

‘I’m really getting this American dream.’
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Back in 2001, Miriam Arnero sent her application to UPS, joining as a part-time package loader in Dallas right after graduating school. Before she knew it, she was signing her offer letter and accepting a promotion to full-time supervisor.

In her own words: “As soon as I got to UPS, they kept offering me more paths forward. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’m really getting this American dream.’”

Today, Miriam is an on-road manager helping others in their pursuit of excellence. Watch her at work:


Miriam wanted a career that would allow her to balance continuing her education and making ends meet. With a bit of hard work, she hit milestone after milestone, even returning to school with a little help from UPS.

UPS paid for me to go to school, to enroll back into community college.”

Hitting the books: With the UPS Earn & Learn Program, full and part-time employees receive up to $25,000 towards their college tuition and expenses. It’s a valuable resource for many people just like Miriam, opening doors to new opportunities.

And did you know UPS offers industry-leading training along with on-the-job learning programs?

“Not only has UPS helped with my outside education, they also offered their own in-house classes which taught me how to succeed in management.”

Since completing driver training school in 2014, Miriam has trained over a hundred UPSers in safe driving, managing dozens more at her local facility.

"I care about everyone who works here," said Miriam. "Every single one of our training methods is to keep you safe."

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