For these two UPS safety experts, practice makes perfect

Watch how UPS drivers avoid distracted driving and learn to stay focused behind the wheel
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According to the CDC, nine people in the U.S. lose their lives every day in crashes that involve a distracted driver. That's one of the reasons why UPS spends hundreds of millions on safety training each year and has some of the safest drivers on the road.

And if you want to talk about safe driving, this team of Tonys has a lot to teach.

Meet Anthony “Tony” Savini. He belongs to an elite group of UPS drivers and his local safety committee ... and he didn’t get there by chance.

As part of the UPS Circle of Honor, Tony Savini has logged 25+ years without an accident. And believe it or not, he isn’t alone – there are over 10,000 Circle of Honor drivers with UPS today. That’s a pretty big deal.

“Any place you can think of, we deliver there,” Tony Savini said. “Every environment, every challenge, we’re ready for it every day.”

The key to such longstanding success isn’t some secret superpower either. It’s simply a repeated mantra of safety, where perfect practice leads to perfect performance and leaves no room for distracted driving.

UPS drivers are trained to repeat five safe driving methods every time they are behind the wheel:

  • Aim high in steering: Find a safe path well ahead.
  • Get the big picture: Stay back and see it all.
  • Keep your eyes moving: Scan, don't stare.
  • Leave yourself an out: Be prepared. Expect the unexpected
  • Make sure they see you: Don't gamble. Use your horn, lights and signals.

Now meet Anthony “Tony” Mosely: He quickly found a passion for safety, one that led him to join his local safety committee alongside Tony Savini.  

“The overall attitude at UPS is safety first. That’s how we approach every day,” Anthony Mosely said.

Both Tonys are proud to see that UPS’s commitment to safety has only grown the longer they’ve been with the company.

“As the years have gone by, UPS keeps doubling down on our safety training, which I love to see,” Anthony Mosely said. 

Take a look at how UPS drivers learn to avoid distractions and how to practice safe driving excellence. Cue the training montage!


Today, driver safety training at UPS includes everything from reflex tests, to simulations, to practice runs. And according to Anthony Mosely, there’s no shortage of opportunities to continue learning.

“We’re always available to re-train or give safety advice. You can come back and do our courses 10 extra times if you want to.”

We told you - these guys are experts for a reason.

“It’s a training process that’s very intense and very thorough,” Tony Savini said. “But if it means you eliminate one injury or one accident, then the training was worth it,” Anthony Mosely added. 

Sharing both a name as well as a passion for safety, these two Tonys are always ready to go the extra mile when it comes to keeping everyone safe on the job.


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