Laws and legislation should make it easier to vote

UPS supports equitable poll access and voting
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UPS believes that voting laws and legislation should make it easier, not harder, for Americans to exercise their right to vote. UPS will continue to work with elected officials across the country to strengthen our democracy by facilitating equitable poll access and voting.

UPS will also take the following action steps to support equitable poll access and voting:

  • Continuing to provide voter education resources to employees through its Drive the Vote program, including information such as registration and voting deadlines.
  • Printing absentee ballot request forms for UPSers at its facilities, where permitted by state and local laws.
  • Dedicating funding support to nonpartisan nonprofits that organize voter registration and engagement activities.
  • Having UPS volunteers facilitate voter ID and registration efforts at UPS facilities for employees.
  • Working with Secretaries of State to identify locations for UPSers to volunteer as poll workers.