UPS joins flood relief operations in the Philippines

Responding to humanitarian crises as natural disasters rise around the world
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Flooding relief response: UPS has joined forces with government and humanitarian agencies to deliver emergency packs of essentials like food, drinking water and medical supplies in the Philippines. This relief is expected to help more than 30,000 people still recovering from catastrophic flooding in December.

Thousands remain in emergency shelters in Misamis Oriental province in the Northern Mindanao region. Some areas are still struggling with disrupted power and water supply.

From the frontlines: “UPS is a company with a big heart,” said Gerald Pil, UPS Philippines air freight supervisor, who is part of the logistical humanitarian aid effort. “We’re delivering care, love and hope to those affected by this calamity, and I’m so proud to be part of this.”

The UPS Foundation and UPS Supply Chain Solutions are also coordinating ground transport to Manila and vessel transport to Cagayan De Oro, plus vital supplies for an additional 67,500 people.

A history of humanitarian aid: The UPS Foundation has driven disaster relief for decades, creating pathways to empower resilient, just and safe communities. Last year, it gave $21.5 million in funding, in-kind and technical support in response to more than 40 humanitarian crises around the world. Natural disasters have been particularly devastating over the past 12 months:

In Turkey and Syria

The massive earthquake on Feb. 6 is the world’s deadliest since 2010, and has left more than a million people in emergency shelters. UPS has pledged more than US$1 million in global logistics services in its ongoing efforts to coordinate relief.

“UPS is mobilizing our logistics network and expertise to get help to where it’s needed most,” said Nikki Clifton, president of social impact and The UPS Foundation.

In Pakistan

When monsoon rains in Pakistan displaced 33 million people last June. UPS Supply Chain Solutions partnered with Universal Logistics Services to provide trucks that transported 241 tons of aid – most of it to hard-hit rural areas. 

The UPS Foundation also provided support for 37,000 children through UNICEF, made a cash grant to the World Food Programme and arranged in-kind support to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

In South Africa

In early 2022, flooding and landslides in South Africa destroyed homes and displaced over 40,000 people.

The UPS Foundation worked together with local nonprofit Raising Giants to provide food parcels and blankets and donate funds to a farming community coping with food shortages.

“Humanitarian work is a process – not a one-time event – that can only bear fruit with committed partners like UPS,” said Thelma Ngcobo of Raising Giants.

Go deeper: At UPS, we deliver good in the world and we have the plan to back it up. The steps we’ve taken to advance our sustainability and social impact goals are reflected in the latest UPS Corporate Sustainability Reports

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