UPS tuition assistance changes lives, forges new futures

Full-timers and part-timers get the same education support
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Your future is bright: The price of a college education doesn’t come cheap – for many, it’s more than they can afford. But tuition assistance through UPS can ease the financial burden and provide a life-changing opportunity for our people.

Tuition assistance has been an important part of the UPS total rewards package for more than 25 years. And every year, thousands of students join UPS for part-time jobs that work with their school schedules and other commitments.

Whether you’re a first-time student trying to get a degree or a seasoned employee ready to hit the books again, hear from a few folks who’ve continued their education while working at UPS:

Smiling woman with crossed arms in front of her UPS big rig.

Evelyn went from part-time package handler to full-time tractor-trailer driver by earning her Commercial Driver’s License – thanks to a CDL training program that UPS paid for:

“The tuition assistance helped me a lot,” Evelyn said. “Thank God everything was paid for, because I didn’t have the money to pay for it on my own.”

Proud UPS employee wearing a blue uniform and standing in a local facility.

Joceliz started as a part-time package handler in the mornings to accommodate her school schedule in the afternoons. Now a part-time supervisor, Joceliz hopes to continue at UPS with a full-time career after graduation.

"When I graduated high school, I needed money for college. I looked up the best companies with tuition reimbursement and at the top was UPS,” Joceliz said. “I've spoken to people who have worked at UPS for over 30 years. Many started off as part-time package handlers. Everybody's story is amazing and mine is just starting.”

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Former Canadian pro football player Greg found the pay, benefits and flexibility he needed at UPS to start a nonprofit company dedicated to coaching the next generation of players:

“I came to UPS as a part-time loader, just looking to get my foot in the door. I needed money, I needed benefits and UPS offered it,” Greg said. “I needed to finish my degree, and UPS offered tuition reimbursement and paid for me to finish my degree.

Smiling UPS employee wearing a hard hat and a luminescent safety vest.

After getting a second chance at life following an illness, Brianna went from part-time package hander to full-time supervisor at UPS, connecting with training and tuition support that would help fuel her career:

"It wasn’t until UPS that I had a desire to get my degree. They were willing to pay for my education and give me a chance to learn. I want to go because of how much the company has put into me, and I want to give that back in a way."

Did you know? With the UPS Earn & Learn program, full- and part-time employees receive up to $25,000 towards their college tuition and expenses. Since its inception, UPS has invested over $600 million in employee financial aid.

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