Stay-at-home mom starts rolling with UPS

How to make the most of your first year on the job
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Evelyn Fuentes started looking for her next adventure as soon as the youngest of her five kids started school. She had devoted the previous 17 years to raising her children, leaving her with no clear entry point to what she hoped could be a successful next chapter of her life. 

A job that fits you: Her husband, a UPS tractor-trailer driver, suggested UPS. She found a morning shift that fit her kids school schedule and started working at a Chicago-area facility as a part-time package handler in the fall of 2021.

Within a year, Evelyn advanced to a full-time driving position, and she’s never been happier.

“I was a stay-at-home mom for so many years,” Evelyn said. “Now I’m out of the house, driving and I love it.”

Ambition can take you anywhere: On her first day of part-time, Evelyn learned about UPS’s Tuition Assistance program and the Commercial Driver’s License training program. The thought of driving a semi-truck had never entered Evelyn’s mind, but she took the leap. A star of the program, she completed her training and earned her license in one year.

“The tuition assistance helped me a lot,” Evelyn said. “Thank God everything was paid for, because I didn’t have the money to pay for it on my own.”

Choose your adventure: The training program and license opened a door to a full-time tractor-trailer driver position, something that has transformed the lives of the Fuentes family.

“Now we’re able to put money aside to take trips,” she said. “We’re taking our first to Mexico – all seven of us. It’s our first family trip, and we’re visiting Guadalajara for 10 days during the summer.”

In case you missed it, all of this was just in Evelyn’s first year of full-time employment. And after four years as a tractor-trailer driver, she will hit top pay, which includes $0 healthcare premiums, paid time off for vacations, and UPS contributions to a pension plan.

I’m very grateful for UPS,” Evelyn said. “It’s worth it.”

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