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Bobbie has a lot to say – and you should listen
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Part-time UPS employee Bobbie is inspiring. Many know him best as a mentor and counselor. Others know Bobbie as a husband, dad and retired teacher who worked with kids with disabilities for 38 years.

“Bobbie is an incredible UPSer. We all learn from him every day,” said Brett, who is Bobbie’s manager. “And he’s an even more impressive person.”

50 years and counting: You read that right. In 1973, he was the first part-time union employee hired by UPS in New Hampshire. He realized early on that UPS would be part of his family, supplementing his full-time teaching work.

Bobbie is most proud of the fact that he put all three of his kids through school without taking loans. And he’s retiring soon because he took advantage of UPS savings programs and then invested in UPS stock. As he says, his ‘bet’ on UPS paid off.

Here are some Bobbie-isms inspired by his half-century with UPS and his joy for life:

On financial stability: “I bet on the company. I kept investing at every opportunity, and over the years, I’ve made a bundle.”

On service: “Behind everything I do, is service to others. Beyond the brown boxes, there are people. There are businesses. There are livelihoods. And I get the chance to affect them from a distance.”

On leadership: “Leadership by example is important to me, and people know it. I’m not entitled to anything. I have a job to do, I get paid very well to do it, and I do it well.”

On working with kids with disabilities: “I’ve reached some significant academic heights but working with the kids was by far the greatest experience in my human existence.”

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Did you know?

  • Nearly 34% of our company’s leaders started on the front line.
  • 38,000 part-time employees advanced to full-time positions from Aug. 2018 to Dec. 2022.
  • 59,000 of our full-time union employees have been with UPS over five years, and 90,000 part-time employees have been at UPS for over two years.

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