Reinventing the wheel: How UPS helped BC Racing forge new opportunities for global growth

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Established in Taiwan in 1999, Bor-Chuann (BC) is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance shock absorbers and forged wheels. In 2004, the company began marketing its “BC Racing” brand globally, introducing its products to new customers in the U.S., Europe, and across Asia. Today, BC Racing is among the most recognizable brands in the aftermarket car modifications industry.

Turbocharging the BC Racing brand

The challenge facing the Bor-Chuann team as the business began to grow was two-fold; first, how to deal with the complexity of an increased number of international orders, and then how to streamline their logistics processes to manage this. And all while making sure they maintained the same level of customer service for which they were already well-known locally.

“In the early days of marketing BC Racing internationally, we needed to show both our customers and their customers that they’re working with a brand they can trust,” said Melvin Huang, Bor-Chuann General Manager.

“Anyone buying forged wheels is not only looking at design, they’re of course also very sensitive to product quality, so we took our time promoting our brand and building up our reputation by combining an iconic aesthetic, a unique customer experience and a bespoke delivery service tailored to the individual details of every order.”

Need for speed 

In the worlds of both business and motor racing, time is money, and every second counts. The BC Racing crew knew that they needed to offer different delivery options to meet a wider variety of time and cost expectations from customers. They also needed an efficient returns service to help auto parts dealers overseas easily return or exchange parts as quickly as possible so that they in turn could keep their customers happy.

Then there’s the shipping of the products themselves. While light, forged wheels are large and require special packaging so the volumetric weight can add to shipping costs. BC needed a solution that meant they could still afford to sell their products abroad at a competitive retail price. Increased orders also led to a longer processing time for the team’s sales and shipping department.

And finally, in the event their customers cancel orders once they’ve been shipped, parts dealers need to find another buyer quickly, meaning all shipments need to come with a flexible redirect option to ensure neither BC nor their customers lose out.

As sales manager Kyle Chu puts it, “Our team began handling hundreds of complex orders per day, including packing, tracking and redirecting deliveries when required. We needed a way to optimize our internal logistics processes.”

Building a winning team

Through a combination of UPS solutions, BC was able to simultaneously cut order processing time by 17%, grow sales by over 15% annually, and find a configured solution that allowed updated orders to be easily redirected to a new address.

With UPS Worldwide Express Saver®, guaranteed time-definite fulfillment means customers can receive their orders within two to three business days, which becomes even more important during times when capacity is limited. The service also offers last mile delivery and efficient returns option so BC can exchange products quickly.

UPS Worldwide Expedited® meanwhile provides a cost-effective option that meets the unique shipping requirements for forged wheels and still offers customs-cleared, day-definite delivery, setting the stage for BC Racing to gain a foothold in a very competitive market.

By using UPS’s WorldShip® shipping software, which offers a one-stop solution for tasks such as printing labels, uploading customs documentation and tracking shipments, the BC team was able to reduce time spent on order processing and allowing employees to focus other aspects of business operations.

And for customers who require the flexibility to redirect a shipment already in transit – for example if a customer cancels an order or a dealer changes location – UPS also arranged a simple address correction option where all the BC team needs to do is submit a request to UPS and have original recipient reject the shipment to save both time and cost.

“Providing high quality products and great service will always be our top priorities and we will continue to work to exceed customer expectations for both while demonstrating the calibre of ‘Made in Taiwan’”, said Huang. “Our partnership with UPS has been central to helping us achieve what we have so far, as they allow us to focus on what we do best; develop world class products.”

As Bor-Chuann continues to develop its range of shock absorber and forged wheel products to suit as many different car and customer types as possible, the company’s ambitious global growth plans continue, buoyed by the success of recent years.

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