Angela Hwang

Chief Commercial Officer, President, Global Biopharmaceuticals Business

Angela Hwang is the Chief Commercial Officer and President of the Global Biopharmaceuticals Business at Pfizer and a member of its Executive Leadership Team. 她的組織內有 26,000 位同事,負責為患者帶來超過 600 種創新藥品與產品。Angela leads 6 commercial business units, reaching patients in more than 185 countries. 這些業務一同努力提供變革性藥物,涵蓋癌症、罕見病、炎症與免疫、初級護理、傳染病及預防保健中的疫苗等主要全球性健康優先事項。

Angela has been with Pfizer since 1997 , working across all geographies and therapeutic areas. 她被所有 Pfizer 同事的共同目的所激勵,即為患者帶來重大突破,無論其身在世界上的哪個地方。身為亞洲裔,童年時期在種族隔離的非洲地區長大,定義了她的世界觀,並在她如今所做一切事物中強調了公平的重要性。

In addition to UPS, Angela sits on the boards of EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), as well as the Pfizer Foundation, a charitable organization that addresses global health challenges and the US China Business Council.

Angela 一直對轉型與充滿可能性的藝術充滿好奇,2019 年,她推出了一個播客系列 Diverse Perspectives,主持並與在各種行業的開創性變革的全球思想領袖對談。

Angela joined the UPS Board of Directors in 2020 and serves on the Audit Committee.

Angela received her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Cape Town and MBA from Cornell University, and is a strong advocate for women’s leadership and sustainable global health equity.

Angela Hwang
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