Fancy figs bloom into international luxury brand

UPS export programme helps small Turkish business expand
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What is the story: Yingari struggled to sell and ship their chocolate-covered figs and jams to customers outside of their Turkish home. Actually, they failed at first, and started to lose hope until they found UPS.

'We just needed to have the right partner who gets what we are trying to do', said Seçil Önal, factory manager at Yingari.

Watch the video to see how UPS helped turn their home business into an international success.

Why it matters: Small business growth around the world is a top priority for UPS. Our network and expertise help level the playing field so small businesses can do more.

The UPS Women Exporters Programme trains and coaches businesses, as it did with Yingari. 'After our first failure, we tried the training sessions', said Seçil. 'We learned that exporting can be simple, if armed with a little courage and knowledge.'

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