Meet 5 of UPS’s safest drivers

With over 100 years of safe driving under their belts, these drivers have learned a thing or two
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World-class safety: Would you believe 10,434 current UPS drivers around the world have driven for the company for 25 years or longer without an accident? You can tell who these drivers are by the UPS Circle of Honor patch they wear proudly on their sleeve.

Priority #1: The safety of our people is our top priority at UPS, so it’s no surprise that we celebrate safe driving – big time. Safety means our customers can trust us to deliver what matters by providing consistent and reliable service every day.

Hear directly from some of the best drivers on the road:

Smiling UPS Circle of Honor driver standing in front of his big rig

2.5 million miles driven

Kevin is a UPS tractor-trailer driver with over 30 years of safe driving. He’s also a two-time state truck driving champion who says safety is his guiding principle.

“Distracted driving is the number one hazard. It only takes a split second whether I can see my family or if somebody else can see theirs,” said Kevin.

Smiling UPS Circle of Honor member posing with a white shipping box

An expert opinion

Circle of Honor driver Darryl has served on his local safety committee for 10 years, teaching other employees to stay safe on the job.

“You have to expect the unexpected. We never anticipate anything bad happening, but you gotta be ready for it,” he said.

UPS Circle of Honor member proudly posing in front of her big rig

Follow the leader

With 25+ years of safe driving, Brea shares her UPS training with her family. Now her son, Alfonso, works at UPS too. Brea says the key to safety is being aware of your surroundings.

“I always pay attention to what's in front of me and what's on the sides. I check my mirrors every five to eight seconds,” she said.

Two smiling UPS Circle of Honor drivers and coworkers in the same facility

Learn from the best

This team of Tonys is top tier when it comes to being safe. Their passion for safety led these two drivers to serving on the same UPS safety committee.

“The overall attitude at UPS is safety first. That’s how we approach every day,” said Anthony.

“Every environment, every challenge, we’re ready for it every day,” said Tony.

Did you know? When it comes to safety, teaching and training are always on at UPS. We provide employees with industry-leading training to keep them safe. 

  • UPS spends more than $343 million in safety training annually, which accounts for 26% of UPS’s total investment in training.
  • In more than 2,700 employee-led safety committees across the U.S., union-represented employees work hand in hand with management to conduct facility and equipment audits, recommend work process changes and provide safety compliance training.

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