‘UPS has been really good to me’

Operator turned driver makes the most out of lifelong career at UPS…
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Bill Brezny loves his job. And customers of the Minnesota delivery driver love him, too.

“When you meet Bill, he’s always open and outgoing. He can talk to just about anybody at any time. He’s always happy,” said the St. Paul, Minnesota customer, who shared these sentiments via Thank a UPSer, a platform to recognize UPS team members from around the world.

Bill has been a proud UPSer since 1979, and it was early when he knew UPS was where he needed to be.

He took advantage of UPS’s flexible shifts to work in the evenings, while his wife worked during the day.

“Our two boys turned out the way they did because there was always a parent at home,” he said.

Once his boys were old enough, Bill jumped on the opportunity to become a driver. Today, he’s been driving the same route for over 20 years and is closing in on 25 years of safe driving.

“UPS has been really good to me; the pay and benefits are top of the industry,” Bill said. “I’ve had two lives at UPS – in operations and now as a driver. Know firsthand – if you work hard, UPS will take care of you.”

From building a family, sending his kids to college—and being able to pay for their tuition— and having ample vacation days to visit his grandchildren, to navigating the hardest of times, he’s had stability.

“During the pandemic, people were losing jobs and businesses were closing,” Bill said. “I was still coming to work, making money and getting healthcare. I will always be grateful for that.”

Did you know: Full-time UPS package delivery drivers average $95,000 per year plus an additional $50,000 in health, welfare and pension contributions for a total compensation package of about $145,000.

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