Mexico City artisan takes his small business online

UPS shipping counter packs delicate mariachi instruments with care
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What’s the story: Javier Ramírez is an artisan who makes handcrafted musical instruments. His business successfully pivoted to online sales during the pandemic, but he has little experience in shipping. So, he depends on the experts at UPS customer centers to safely pack and ship his handcrafted works of art.

Laudería Ramírez makes prized instruments for mariachi players, mainly mariachi guitarron and vihuelas selling to customers in Mexico and around the world. As the business has grown, he continues to depend on UPS customer centers.

What they’re saying: “Our commitment to produce the best and more authentic Mexican sounds wouldn’t be worth if our customers would not receive them without a single scratch. UPS makes sure that our musical instruments reach our customers just as we made them,” Ramírez says.

At UPS, we make shipping easy: Customers can create a new shipment, drop off pre-packaged pre-labeled shipment and buy packaging supplies at UPS customer centers. And like Lauderia Ramírez, you can ask our packaging advisors for help with your package too. 

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