UPS gets in the swing of things with Coco Gauff

Learn more about the Unstoppable tennis star
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Join us in congratulating Coco Gauff on winning her first Grand Slam title at the 2023 U.S. Open!

Grit. Tenacity. Perseverance. These are just a few qualities that make tennis phenom Coco Gauff unstoppable and why she’s the latest icon joining our Be Unstoppable campaign.

“I’m excited to partner with UPS because we share a lot of the same values: hard work, inclusion and purpose,” Coco said. “UPS’s work with small businesses and their focus on culture, sports and fashion is exciting to see. There is more than meets the eye with UPS, and I feel the same way about myself.”

A perfect match: Be Unstoppable is UPS’s premier brand campaign that spotlights the enduring passion of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Coco puts it best: “Being Unstoppable means going to whatever lengths possible to achieve your goals or dreams however big or small those may be.”


Meet Coco: Raised in Atlanta – where UPS calls home – Coco is the youngest player ranked in the top 10 by the Women's Tennis Association.

After receiving a wild card entry to Wimbledon in 2019 at 15 years old, Coco defeated five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams in the first round.

That same year, Coco also reached the third round of the U.S. Open and won her first singles title. Since then, she has won five WTA singles titles and has been ranked as high as No 4. in the world. 

In 2023, Coco won the women’s singles championship at the U.S. Open – her first Grand Slam title.

There’s no doubt that Coco is an amazing athlete and a woman to watch, and we’re cheering on her Unstoppable spirit this summer as she serves up a winning season. 

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