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The evolution of cold chain technology and its use by UPS Healthcare
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Cold chain technology in the logistics world has been around for decades, transforming from simpler times of packing food in ice during transport, to today’s complex movement of life-saving vaccines at ultra-cold temperatures. Although advancements in technology have made it easier to ship temperature-controlled products around the world, the basic concept has stayed the same: keep goods at the right temperatures to ensure efficacy and safety for the end customer.

UPS Healthcare has leveraged cutting edge cold chain tools and technology since 2000, helping to keep healthcare packages at the right temperatures during transport. The company continued investments throughout the years, moving toward the recent global delivery of COVID-19 vaccines with near-perfect service. Its continued success is creating long-term value for the future delivery of new drugs, especially biologics and temperature-controlled therapies, which make up more than half of all new drugs in the pipeline.

Now, as chronic and lifestyle diseases - including cancers, respiratory, autoimmune and cardiovascular conditions - grow at a faster rate than ever before, temperature-controlled drugs and therapies are being developed at a rapid pace and becoming more important every day.

As a result, end-to-end cold chain networks – like UPS Cold Chain Solutions – have become indispensable. The company’s custom solutions help protect and safely deliver shipments to communities and patients across the country and around the world.

The evolution of cold chain

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