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UPS’s releases 21st sustainability report
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UPSers know that doing good in the world is also good for business. This has been a core value for our company for 115 years. Our latest Sustainability Report highlights the progress we’re making toward important goals that deliver “good” in the world, including achieving 100% carbon neutrality by 2050, and striving toward 30% women in full-time management globally and 40% ethnically diverse full-time management in the United States by 2025. Our latest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report provides more context on how we’re creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Below are a few important highlights from our sustainability report. Additional progress can be found in our 2022 Sustainability Highlights Brochure:  

  • We continue to focus on transparency, accurate measurement and decarbonization of our entire global supply chain, which resulted in a year over year 6.9% decrease in scope 1, 2 and 3 C02e emissions.

  • We’ve been investing in alternative fuel for more than 20 years, and in the last year, added to our global fleet totaling more than 15,600 alternate fuel and advanced technology vehicles, including more than 1,000 electric and plugin hybrid electric vehicles – all of which are key to reaching our 40% alternative fuel utilization in our ground operations by 2025.  

  • We purchased 162 million gallons of alternative fuels, including methane-reducing renewable natural gas, which in total represented 26.5% of our ground fuel usage, up from 25.9% in 2021.

  • We have partnered with both internal and external stakeholders, including our building engineers and utility partners, to develop a plan to power 25% of our facilities with renewable energy by 2025. In 2022, 8% of our total electricity was generated from renewable sources for our owned and leased facilities. This included rooftop solar arrays installed on some of our buildings and procurement of renewable electricity to run our operations. Through testing and learning, we are well-positioned to hit our 2025 goal and 2035 goal of 100% of our facilities being powered by renewable energy. 

  • We have planted 28M trees since 2012 toward our goal of 50M trees by 2030 to help create a greener world.

  • We expanded UPS Sustainability Trailblazers, an employee engagement program, to every major region around the world, and appreciate all of our people who are helping develop the innovations we need for today to deliver on our commitment for a greener future tomorrow.  

“The progress reflected in our 21st Sustainability Report is made possible by more than 500,000 UPSers around the world who are delivering what matters for the environment. They are the sustainability-minded problem solvers and dedicated doers who do more than just  deliver packages – together, we deliver good in the world,” said Laura Lane, EVP & Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer.

Learn more about UPS’s commitment to sustainability here.  

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