Canadian-made garments for social good

Small business builds community in everything they do
Canadian made garments for social good Canadian made garments for social good Canadian made garments for social good

The proudly Canadian company, Local Laundry, aims to build community in everything they do.

When the pandemic hit last year, it caused a lot of challenges – from supply chain to customer disruption to cancelled orders and more. But that didn’t stop co-founders Connor Curran and Dustin Paisely from bringing positive change, creating locally-made, socially-conscious garments.  

“Everything we do – from the dying, the knitting, the cutting, the sewing, the cotton milling – is produced right here in Canada. Just by supporting Canadian made, consumers can help reduce the carbon footprint immensely,” Connor said.

“I believe consumers are shifting the way they buy and they're looking to support companies that are doing good to their local communities, to the planet,” Dustin said.

Prior to 2020, over 70% of Local Laundry’s business was retail. When the pandemic started, those doors closed. They had to figure out a way to keep going while still committing to social good. So they started manufacturing garments and masks for organizations that wanted to support local and Canadian-made. And they built programs to ship garments via UPS to people’s homes on behalf of those organizations.

“UPS takes care of the little things so we can take care of the big things,” Connor said.

Watch to learn more about how UPS is helping this small business realize their vision. 

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