Single-serve doesn’t mean single-use

Nespresso and UPS work together on innovative recycling program
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What’s the story: Nespresso is collaborating with UPS to take on its dedicated capsule recycling program in the U.S.

Nespresso is the pioneer in premium, single-serve coffee. While Nespresso capsules are made from aluminum, which is infinitely recyclable, they do not always reach recycling facilities.

How it works: Nespresso offers consumers pre-paid recycling bags to return used capsules. These can be dropped off at one of 88,000 UPS drop-off locations or 500 collection points in Nespresso Boutiques or other participating retailers.

Capsules are then sent to recycling partners who separate the coffee grounds from the aluminum. The clean aluminum is processed and reused, while coffee grounds are composted into nutrient-rich soil used for landscaping.

“Our commitment to the circular use of our products is why we are especially proud of our long-time partnership with UPS to provide several options for convenient recycling,” Kika Buhrmann, vice president of business to business at Nespresso.

Driven by integrity: UPS remains focused on making credible, purposeful changes to adapt and achieve our sustainability goals at every step along the supply chain. We also have an entire dedicated team to help our clients do the same.

Our UPS Customer Solutions experts listen to our customers and offer solutions such as UPS carbon neutral shipping, supply chain optimization, package design, testing and carbon calculations to help them with their sustainability journey.

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