UPS mobilizes relief efforts for Maui wildfires

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A massive wildfire broke out on the Island of Maui, Hawaii on August 8, impacting thousands, forcing residents to evacuate, shutting down communication capabilities and more.

With fires still burning in Maui, The UPS Foundation and UPS employees are working around the clock to help those in need.

Learn more about our ongoing relief efforts:

  • In 2023, UPS has provided up front funds to the American Red Cross which enables immediate opening of shelters and support during the Maui crisis, as well as other disasters and crises.
  • We’re working closely with our people on the ground to provide support for UPS employees through the American Red Cross and Operation Hope
  • The Salvation Army allocated $25,000 of their emergency funding provided by The UPS Foundation in their efforts to lead local food and emergency support.
  • The Foundation is actively coordinating ground transportation of emergency communication supplies with the American Logistics Aid network.

“We count on partners like UPS because they understand the importance of being prepared before a disaster strikes so we can respond immediately,” said Anne McKeough, chief development officer at the American Red Cross. “We're extremely grateful for UPS’s donation, which will help ensure we can continue to assist people in their darkest hours.”

What others can do to help: The most effective thing individuals can do at this stage is donate funds to organizations providing relief. Please consider donating directly to these partner organizations on the ground like the Maui Food Bank, Maui United Way, American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

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