Celebrating Global Volunteer Month

Give back to your local community by volunteering
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Global Volunteer Month is a celebration of the power of people to tackle society’s greatest challenges and build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteerism. That’s according to Points of Light, the international nonprofit that coined the term and has served as a longtime partner of The UPS Foundation.

#UPSGivesBack: UPS has committed to 30 million volunteer hours by 2030, on the way to helping improve the well-being of 1 billion lives by 2040. And volunteerism is one of The UPS Foundation’s focus areas driving social impact, along with health and humanitarian relief, equity and economic empowerment, and planet protection.

How UPSers can get involved: If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities or want to organize an event but don’t know where to start, reach out to local community relations managers or UPS Business Resource Groups. UPSers in the U.S. and Canada can sign up for events on the new community platform UPS Community Connections available through the employee portal. The system will expand globally later this year.

Earth Day is April 22:  You can step up to help protect the planet by joining groups around the world in the Great Global Cleanup. Or donate a tree in honor of a loved one and The UPS Foundation will match every tree planted with another tree.

Get inspired: Check out the moving stories below of UPSers giving back to their communities in powerful ways. . 

Hulya Pinarbasi

Harry Kpoh

Toy Ann McCray

Caleb Allen

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