Democracy Fest inspires Atlanta students to get involved

UPS renews ‘Drive the Vote’ – showing there’s no off-season for democracy
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Get out the vote: In September, UPS partnered with Atlanta Public Schools, AMB Sports and Entertainment, and the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta to host Democracy Fest 2022 – a celebration of civic education and engagement.

Attended by over 600 local high school students, Democracy Fest aimed to inspire 11th and 12th graders to learn about the importance of voting. Attendees could also sign up to be poll workers and become volunteers in their communities.

From the grass roots: One student shared, “I hear a lot of ‘back and forth’ noise in politics today and never thought I belonged in the conversation. After today I know that my voice matters and how I can put it into action. The things happening in my city can be changed, but it all starts with voting.”

Watch the video below to feel that civic pride:

“Democracy Fest aligns closely with our support for civic and community engagement and youth empowerment,” said Nikki Clifton, president of social impact and The UPS Foundation. “We’re grateful to Atlanta Public Schools – our partners in Atlanta for more than 40 years – and many others for the opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of voters.”

UPS is also renewing the Drive the Vote campaign, founded with the belief that voting is a fundamental right that strengthens our democracy and empowers our citizens, including hundreds of thousands of UPSers across the U.S. Through the Drive the Vote resource page, you can find links to each state’s election websites to help you find more information about voter registration, the different ways to vote in the upcoming election, and opportunities to volunteer in the election process.

“We believe that voting laws and legislation should make it easier, not harder, for Americans to exercise their right to vote. This year, we’re taking a hard look at our commitment to promoting voter awareness,” said Laura Lane, chief corporate affairs officer for UPS. “With our Drive the Vote campaign, we’re providing all UPSers with the resources to be informed voters and get their voices heard.”

And in case you missed it: Democracy Fest was another opportunity for our UPSers to show up and showcase why our organization continues to be an employer of choice offering opportunities for great seasonal jobs, many of which can turn into permanent positions.

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