UPS grant helps enable innovative treatment

Magic used as therapy for children with disabilities
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What’s new: The UPS Foundation donated 1.5 million HUF to the Magic Lantern Foundation to help treat children with disabilities in Hungary.

About 200 children throughout Hungary will receive an innovative treatment, developed by the world-famous magician David Copperfield, that uses magic as a form of therapy for people with physical, psychological and social disabilities.

Why it matters: The Magic Lantern's GyógyBűvészet® program teaches patients the mechanics of a magical illusion to motivate improvements in physical dexterity, functional skills and communication.

"What could be more important than bringing some cheer into the everyday lives of children who often have to undergo treatments that can be a serious ordeal even for adults," said Yannick Mooijman, managing director of Hungary, Greece, Romania and Slovenia at UPS Europe.

Behind the magic: The rehabilitation method is based on collaboration between physiotherapists, psychologists, treating physicians and professional volunteer magicians, and is recognized by the American Occupational Therapists Association.

A curated selection of tricks helps improve the children's manual dexterity, motor coordination and cognitive skills. In addition, learning new skills gives patients self-confidence, making them more responsive to treatment.

“In UPS, we have found a company with a real sense of social responsibility,” said Eva Patzauer, president of the Magic Lantern Foundation. 

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