The UPS Foundation delivers hope during times of crisis

Rebuilding resilient communities after disaster strikes
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There when it matters: UPSers are stepping up in communities around the world by delivering hope, help and funding to people in need – especially in times of natural disaster.

Hurricane Ian, one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in the U.S., has caused widespread damage and flooding across Central Florida and left millions without power. The UPS Foundation, in partnership with Good360, ToolBank USA, The Salvation Army and others, has started moving supplies to staging areas closest to the communities impacted. Items like tarps, flashlights, tools, gloves, drinks and hygiene kits will help first responders and volunteer agencies in their recovery efforts. The Foundation is also coordinating with our own Coyote Logistics to move a meal preparation trailer to Fort Myers so the Fraternal Order of Police can prep 3,000 meals a day.

The Foundation is also supporting relief and recovery efforts through its $500,000 grant to the American Red Cross that enables emergency shelters to house and feed communities in the storm’s path. A $50,000 grant to the St. Bernard Project will activate a response team to help low-income families rebuild their homes by distributing supplies and providing critical cleanup services. And a $25,000 donation will support CARE with immediate cash assistance to affected families so they can purchase items to meet their unique needs.

Hurricane Fiona has caused power outages across the entire island of Puerto Rico. The UPS Foundation, in collaboration with The Salvation Army, immediately mobilized more than 50,000 pounds of relief, including more than 15,000 meal kits, emergency clean-up kits, water and essential baby supplies. The Foundation’s initial response efforts consisted of more than $250,000 in funding and in-kind support, including $50,000 to The Salvation Army and $25,000 to Fundacion Sila Calderon. The UPS Foundation is also coordinating with Walmart and The Miranda Family Fund to address critical needs.

Help on the ground: “I’m proud UPS was the first company to bring humanitarian aid into Puerto Rico and I can see first-hand how it’s really making a difference to those affected,” said Luis Olivero, human resources supervisor for UPS in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Fiona also struck hard in Atlantic Canada, with power outages, homes destroyed, and infrastructure damage caused by torrential rain, flooding, high winds and storm surge. UPSers in Canada quickly rallied to support local communities and raised close to $30,000 in less than a week – which will be matched by The UPS Foundation. 

Catastrophic floods in Pakistan have displaced over 33 million people:

  • In partnership with The Citizen Foundation, The UPS Foundation has provided over 20 tons of food supplies to Nowshera, Pakistan.
  • The Foundation has made a $50,000 cash grant to the World Food Program.
  • Together with UNICEF, we’ve also provided support for 37,000 children impacted by the floods.

Last year, The UPS Foundation gave $23 million in funding, in-kind and technical support in response to 30+ humanitarian crises globally.

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