Helping communities recover from natural disasters

The UPS Foundation provides aid to flood victims in Germany and China
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Heavy rains over central Europe between July 12 and 15 resulted in historic flooding, with some of the most severe effects concentrated in western Germany.

In response, The UPS Foundation made a €50,000 donation to Johanniter in support of relief efforts. Those funds have helped cover materials to repair or rebuild damaged houses, including basic household appliances, dehumidifiers, tools and rubber boots. They’ve also provided support to kindergartens, youth welfare facilities, psychosocial care stations and mobile medical care for families in the hardest hit areas.

Then on July 16, the Henan province in central China experienced its most intense downpour in a thousand years as record rainstorms inundated cities and villages. More than 2.5 million people in Xinxiang, about a third of the city’s population, have been affected by the torrential rains. 

The UPS Foundation again stepped in and donated RMB 1.36 million to support post-disaster relief work in Xinxiang. UPS is also partnering with Operation Blessing China to provide relief services, and together they aim to help up to 100,000 residents affected by the flooding.   

“Our hearts go out to the affected communities during this time,” said Nikki Clifton, president of social impact and The UPS Foundation. “It’s imperative that the most urgent needs are met for the flood victims to help them through the recovery period and restore some normalcy to their lives as soon as possible.”

UPS’s donation will provide in-kind transportation and daily living necessities for displaced residents, such as comforters, mattresses, toiletries and food products like rice, flour and oil. 

Equally important are sterilizing and sanitation supplies, including disinfectant sprays and face masks, as the flooding has many worried about disease outbreaks. UPS and Operation Blessing China are putting plans in place to train volunteers for sanitation work in partnership with local organizations.

“Our team on the ground has shared that both volunteers and residents are keeping a positive mindset, which is very encouraging,” Nikki said. “We’re confident that working together, they’ll emerge stronger.”  

Post-disaster relief materials have started to stream into Xinxiang and are being distributed to the community via UPS’s ground transportation support.  

“UPS is also maintaining close contact with local partners, and we are prepared to provide additional emergency logistics support if needed,” said Michelle Ho, president of UPS in China. “We are rallying more volunteers from UPS teams on our end and we’re ready to further contribute to this relief.” 

UPS continues to provide pickup and delivery services in Henan province, ensuring access to a reliable global logistics network and keeping international trade moving.

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