Passion, purpose and bow ties

Enterprising young entrepreneur receives boost from Wishes Delivered to combat food insecurity.
Smiling Treandos wearing bowtie Smiling Treandos wearing bowtie Smiling Treandos wearing bowtie

Young entrepreneur Treandos is inspired.

Not only does he want to make the world a better and more colorful place via the unquestioned magic of the bow tie, he is also combatting a real and persistent issue in many communities … food insecurity.

For this enterprising kid, it’s where passion meets purpose.

With his drive to help others, he found and ally in UPS. Watch this Wishes Delivered video and see how one kid is making a difference in a grown up world.


UPSers in select cities will wear gold bow ties on Nov. 20 as part of #BowTieDay and #WishesDelivered. Watch social media for more about this unique event.

Learn more about Treandos’ passion, T&N Bow Ties and Apparel as well as their partner non-profit, United Food Force, by visiting their websites.

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