UPS weekend delivery helps cycling business turbocharge sales

Geared for success
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For cycling enthusiasts, Jenson USA is a one-stop shop. Founded in 1994, the retailer is dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional service for all things road and mountain bicycles, parts and accessories.  

Setting the pace: With most of their customers ordering online, the Jenson team knows just how important it is to shift their orders into gear as quickly as possible – with help from UPS.  

“A bike part that ships out quickly and arrives on time means someone is able to compete in that weekend race, get out and ride with family and friends, or simply pedal for some alone time with Mother Earth,” said Sri Reddi, VP of operations at Jenson USA. “With weekend delivery, UPS has helped save customers thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of what would have otherwise been missed weekend rides.”  

Where the rubber meets the road: Putting customers first is a core part of our strategy, and UPS is committed to solving SMBs’ unique business challenges. In 2021, UPS expanded Saturday delivery operations to cover approximately 90% of the U.S. population.  

“Our goal at UPS has always been to find solutions that create a frictionless customer experience and impact their growth,” said UPS senior account executive Flavio Pfeil. "With our portfolio of weekend services, we were able to accomplish that for Jenson USA." The onset of weekend pickup and delivery has positioned Jenson USA to better serve its customers by keeping them on the road.  

“Weekend delivery helps us meet our customers' riding demands while also allowing us to maintain a competitive foothold against our top competitors who use slower modes of transportation,” Sri said.   

Did you know? UPS is the only integrated carrier providing Saturday pickup service for all service levels. By offering scheduled Saturday pickup for Monday delivery, UPS helps retailers manage their rapid online order fulfillment. 

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