‘I feel like I can do anything’

San Diego driver overcomes health issues, attains goal of becoming UPS driver
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Who needs advertising when you have Rene Aranda?

“When I talk to drivers from competitors, I recommend they come over – they’ll be much happier here and set for life,” the San Diego driver said.

Rene has good reason to be such a strong advocate for UPS – actually two, Angel (8) and Aileen (5).

“My kids,” he said. “I’m able to provide so much for them. It’s weird, but they know what this company is doing for them. My daughter actually wants to be a UPS driver, and my son wants to be my helper someday.”

It’s been a journey for Rene, who was working as a part-time package handler, to get in the driver’s seat.

In early 2020, he suffered from a rare respiratory condition that forced doctors to remove most of his left lung. But thanks to health benefits as a part-timer, he wasn’t saddled with debilitating debt.

“Working 3-5 hours a day and here I was getting the same health insurance as a driver,” he said. “You wouldn’t believe my bills. But I didn’t pay a dime – it was pretty amazing.”

Rene recovered and regained his strength. And then turned his attention on becoming a driver.

Doctors doubted him, saying his recovery would take a year and the job is likely too strenuous. But Rene persisted and proved he was ready to become a full-time UPS driver after just four months.

I love my job – serving your community, getting to know your city and the people,” he said. “UPS offers a great opportunity to grow and live a more comfortable life than other companies.”

Now, Rene is healthy – down 32 pounds in the last year and doing a job he loves.

“My body has completely adjusted to my work life,” he said. “I started going to the gym, getting more active and I feel like nothing is wrong with me. I feel like I can do anything.

San Diego media outlets covered Rene’s story from March 2021. Check them out:

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