Part-time possibilities

At UPS, part-time employees are eligible for benefits like little-to-no-cost healthcare, tuition reimbursement and pensions, opening up a world of opportunity. Learn more.
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At UPS, part-time jobs provide healthcare with $0 premiums, competitive pay, reliable hours, tuition benefits and more. It's no wonder a part-time job at UPS routinely turns into a full-time opportunity.

Low-cost healthcare

Part-time union employees at UPS enjoy the same low-cost health and medical benefits as full-time employees after a brief waiting period* – that includes no premiums and low or no copays. Our employees and their families have comfort in knowing their access to low-to-no-cost healthcare is secure.

Jason Grotelueschen took a part-time job at UPS, which covered hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills for his family. For 15-20 hours a week, Jason doesn’t worry about his family’s medical bills.

“What really surprised me was [UPS] pays 100% of my insurance premium,” said Jason.

Competitive pay and reliable hours

Our union-represented part-time employees make on average $20 an hour after 30 days, are guaranteed annual wage increases and cost of living adjustments, and receive pension benefits.

Plus, part-time roles typically come with standard, scheduled hours, guaranteeing employees 3.5 hours each workday.

Roger Campbell loads trucks each morning at UPS, a position he’s had for 25 years. Outside UPS, Roger pursues several passions. He has two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and a PhD. He is a member of the US Army Reserve, and he teaches college-level swimming and English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, roles he considers “activities,” not jobs.

“I love being in the Army,” Roger says. “I love serving my country. I love teaching swimming. I obviously love teaching my students, and I love working for UPS.”

Tuition assistance

In most U.S. locations, part-time employees are eligible for $25,000 for college tuition and expenses through our Earn & Learn and tuition reimbursement programs.

Evelyn Fuentes started working part-time at UPS in 2021. She learned about our tuition assistance program and began working toward a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). One year later, she advanced to a full-time tractor-trailer driving position.

“The tuition assistance helped me a lot,” Evelyn said. “Thank God everything was paid for, because I didn’t have the money to pay for it on my own.”

Career Advancement

Part-time employees have a tried-and-true path to full-time roles at UPS if they choose. In fact, 38,000 part-time employees advanced to full-time positions between 2018 and 2022.

Kathryn Cabanillas was a single teenage mom when she started working at UPS part-time. Fast forward 20 years and several promotions, she’s now an Air Division manager with a corner office.

“There were just so many different opportunities that I could take,” says Kathryn. “I wanted the corner office when I started, and I got it.” 

*Part-time employees are eligible after a short waiting period.

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