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In 2005, Justin Hilliard was a part-time UPS package handler with a big dream: a career in weather forecasting. And day by day, opportunity by opportunity, he made it happen. Today, Justin provides crucial weather information to airline flight planners and pilots as a member of UPS’s highly skilled team of meteorologists.

“How many companies do you know that have meteorologists? While you can't call us for a weather forecast, we're going to do everything we can to make sure that your package gets delivered on time,” Justin said.

UPS remains one of the few places where such a unique career path can still happen.

An amazing ride: Early on, managers at the international air hub in Louisville recognized Justin’s passion. He would spend time with the flight crew scheduling team and even UPS’s drone delivery service, earning piloting and repair certifications along the way.

“The time and dedication were worth it because every opportunity taught me something and helped me advance toward my goal,” he said.

The aviation pros and meteorologists that Justin met through these jobs gave him valuable exposure. Meanwhile, with the help of UPS’s tuition reimbursement program, Justin realized his dream and completed his degree in meteorology.

“The Earn & Learn program actually covered most of my expenses going through Mississippi State. In 2016, I graduated, I got married and I got promoted in the same weekend,” Justin said.

With great responsibility: UPS’s team of meteorologists is always on. Justin and his colleagues provide accurate forecasts that help reroute deliveries, keeping UPS pilots and ground teams in sync and making sure packages arrive when needed. Catch Justin in action during his interview with Fox Weather.

“Keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll find your way to the job you want.”

Did you know?

  • The tuition reimbursement program “Earn & Learn” gives eligible employees the opportunity to earn up to $25,000 for college tuition and expenses. Part-time employees are eligible for this program the day they are hired.
  • UPS’s management ranks include more than 18,000 employees who were promoted into management from union positions.

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