News: Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts Supported By UPS Strategy of Preparedness

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Atlanta, GA

UPS Foundation’s Global Humanitarian Relief Network Uses Collaboration and Extensive Planning to Bring Rapid Support to Address Urgent Needs

Even before Hurricane Laura devastated coastlines in Louisiana and Texas, The UPS Foundation and its network of relief organizations were building a response to quickly address the needs of impacted communities.

The extensive damage resulting from the storm left impassable roads, inhabitable housing, and an infrastructure strained to deliver essential items. Providing relief in the midst of a pandemic is challenging and complex, but UPS and its relief partners were ready.

Eduardo Martinez, President of The UPS Foundation and UPS Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, explains, “Although the UPS Foundation responds continuously to natural disasters and humanitarian crises around the world by providing supply chain expertise, funding and in-kind logistics support to its preeminent non-profit relief and United Nations partner organizations, each crisis is different. Each relief mission deepens our expertise and our ability to quickly and efficiently respond and support our partners and communities with these life-saving efforts.”

UPS support of Hurricane Laura relief efforts mobilized this week:

  • The UPS Annual Disaster Giving Program contribution to the American Red Cross enabled 10,000 people to access shelter in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi providing critical refuge for those forced from their homes.
  • This support will help provide 30,000 meals each day over the next two weeks.
  • Earlier this month, The UPS Foundation began collaborating with American Red Cross and Good360 to preposition relief supplies along the coast to ensure a quick response as hurricane season gained momentum.
  • UPS’s ongoing collaboration with ToolBank enabled the rapid transportation of chainsaws used to remove debris from roadways, providing clear paths for relief efforts to reach people in need.
  • In partnership with Reach Out America and Coyote Logistics, a UPS company, The UPS Foundation is transporting two trailers of relief material to Louisiana to provide cleaning supplies, hygiene kits and food supplies to volunteers and residents who lost their homes.
  • The UPS Foundation is supporting SBP with funding for housing assessments, cleanup, and mold remediation, and SBP training for homeowners on how to navigate FEMA, manage insurance claims and avoid contractor fraud during rebuilding.

As the storm moved through the country, UPS actively communicated with its global network of Humanitarian Relief and Resilience Program partners, assessing emerging needs as relief efforts continue.

In its 113 years of serving customers, and with service in 220 countries and territories, UPS has gained a vast amount of experience in navigating through challenges and changing conditions.

While supporting communities has remained a core part of UPS’s values throughout the company’s history, UPS has played an important role as an “essential workers” as the novel Coronavirus continues to impact the world. While delivering 3% of the world’s GDP and helping to keep global supply chains flowing efficiently is a daily activity for UPS, the company became a critical lifeline for food, medicine, and the goods needed to maintain families and businesses when the pandemic began to take hold. UPS will continue to play an important role in providing expertise and support on changing business conditions, collaborating with government and non-government organizations and providing hands-on support to help communities ease back into normal activities.

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