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Creating a more equitable and just world.

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  • $112.6 M

A force for good.

A force for good.

Everyone has the power to make an impact. Our leaders believe by serving others, we serve the collective good. They inspire us to step up and lean in to help in any way we can.

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Delivering HELP where it’s needed most

Together, we deliver pathways to create resilient, just, and safe communities.

Health & Humanitarian Relief

We improve the well-being of people and communities by tapping into our partnerships and innovative logistical expertise to deliver health and humanitarian solutions for underserved and impacted communities.

Equity & Economic Empowerment

We invest in organizations that address systemic education and economic barriers and create opportunities for underserved women, youth and marginalized communities.

Local Community Engagement

Promoting volunteerism and building capacity within the nonprofit sector.

Planet Protection

We advance environmental justice and a sustainable world.

The UPS Foundation’s Quarterly Newsletter

The UPS Foundation’s Quarterly Newsletter

Delivering HELP where it’s needed most

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