UPS Cambridge cycle hub paves the way for sustainable city deliveries

Find out how innovative technology is reaching customers in the U.K. where cars and trucks can’t go
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Our cycle hub in Cambridge is pedaling us into a greener future, making city deliveries a whole lot more sustainable in the U.K. It's a wheelie big step forward for UPS! Get it? 😉

The problem we’re solving: eQuad deliveries are an efficient and sustainable way to navigate congested cities and zero-emission zones. That means we can deliver packages even in places where cars and trucks can’t go because eQuads – four-wheeled electric-assist cycles – allow the operator to use cycle lanes.

“As cities worldwide try to make transportation more sustainable with low-emission or zero-emission areas, we’re leading the way,” said Artur Drenk, sustainability director for UPS in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. “The Cambridge hub shows our dedication to finding creative solutions that serve our customers while also looking after the environment.” 

Delivering for our planet: Our innovations in sustainability mean we can directly contribute to Cambridge’s Clean Air initiative – a citywide effort to cut down on emissions and promote more sustainable ways of delivering goods locally … with UPS at the front line. 

What else we’re doing:

🚸 Nearly 6,400 UPS Access Point locations in the U.K. offer an alternative option to pick up or drop off their packages at a local business. This makes life easier for our customers and can reduce carbon emissions compared to home or business deliveries – WIN, WIN!

🚙 More than 18,300 UPS vehicles use an alternative fuel, like renewable natural gas … and new technology like our eQuads to serve customers around the world. 

🌎 We’re always looking for new ways to improve city center deliveries. So far, we’re leading more than 30 projects in European cities that use eQuads and electric bikes. #Innovation

Creating purposeful change isn’t just something we talk about, it’s what we do. We make it our responsibility to put sustainability at the heart of how we do business

2023 Sustainability and Social Impact Report

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