UPS and DP World delivering world firsts

Electric vehicles charged using off-grid solar power at Expo 2020 Dubai
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From the X-ray machine to the telephone, throughout history world expos have been the home for inventions and technology that change our way of life.

Expo 2020 Dubai is no exception. As the Official Logistics Partner, UPS is working with DP World, the Official Premier Global Trade Partner of Expo, to showcase its transition to clean energy. UPS’s electric vehicles (EVs) will be charged for the first time with an off-grid charging system to power on-site deliveries.

“Today’s deployment of one of the world’s first off-grid electric vehicle charging systems is a demonstration of how Expo 2020 is connecting minds and creating the future,” said Scott Price, president of UPS international. “Our joint efforts allow us to decentralize the charging system, eliminate the need for electricity in charging vehicles at Expo 2020 and further our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.”

During the six-month mega event, UPS will use the system to charge its fleet of EVs, developed in collaboration with Arrival, at DP World’s FLOW Pavilion. 

Sunlight will be captured by panels on the pavilion’s roof, with the solar energy flowing through an inverter to an off-grid Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) unit which powers the charging station.  

“DP World is proud to work with UPS demonstrating the next generation of delivery vehicles at Expo 2020,” said Abdulla Bin Damithan, CEO and managing director of DP World – UAE Region and Jafza. “We are committed to digital and technological innovation that makes supply chains smarter and more sustainable. The DP World FLOW pavilion has been designed to demonstrate the future of global trade, increasing prosperity while reducing the use of energy and resources.”

The sustainable collaboration is closely aligned with the UAE’s Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031 and its Green Agenda 2030, as well as supporting a key growth engine of Dubai’s economy through the development of cutting-edge circular economy technologies.

“It’s truly special to be at Expo 2020 with UPS and DP World showcasing how innovation and collaboration can accelerate the transition to electric vehicles globally,” said Avinash Rugoobur, president of Arrival. “Arrival is pioneering a new method of design and production for electric vehicles that is truly sustainable – from our recyclable composite panels to the local Microfactories used for production. The development of sustainable charging options is a welcome addition to this ecosystem that will increase the impact we can have as we bring cleaner transportation to cities around the world."

UPS’s journey toward a less carbon-intensive future is enabled through one of the industry’s largest private alternative fuel and advanced technology fleets, and a ‘rolling laboratory’ of more than 13,000 vehicles that drive more than 1 million greener miles each business day.

UPS recently released its Corporate Sustainability Report with a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, including fueling 40% of ground operations with alternative fuels by 2025. To learn more about UPS’s recent efforts to address global challenges like climate change and social equity, check out UPS’s Sustainability Highlights

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