New UPS study reveals intra-Asia trade could double in value by 2030

It’s time to plan an intra-Asia trade takeoff
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Growing opportunity: UPS’s latest study, “Clearing the Runway for Intra-Asia Trade,” shows cross-border trade in the region could double in value to $13.5 trillion by 2030.

Intra-Asia trade has enormous potential over the coming decade. Especially building off regional economic accomplishments over the past decade and through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guided by research: “It was important to measure the intra-regional opportunity as Asia transforms from being the world’s production hub to the center of consumer demand,” said Michelle Ho, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa at UPS. “Asia’s influence on global Cross-border trade will only increase in the coming years.”


Highlights from the study: Twelve markets in Asia, known as the Asia-12, are likely to see their economic position improve, potentially doubling their trade value.

  • Growth is expected to be driven by four industry segments:
    • Retail
    • Industrial manufacturing
    • High-tech
    • Healthcare
  • Governments can lower barriers to intra-Asia trade by:
    • Negotiating comprehensive regional trade deals
    • Harmonizing product standards
    • Improving logistics infrastructure and skill roadmaps
    • Building supply chain resilience
  • Businesses can take advantage by:
    • Capitalizing on high-value and high-growth trade lanes
    • Partnering with and integrate MSMEs into regional supply chains
    • Digitalizing comprehensively 
    • Advocating with policymakers for pro-trade policies

Go deeper: Check out the full report, “Clearing the Runway for Intra-Asia Trade,” and summaries to learn more about the markets and industry segments powering intra-Asia trade, and intra-regional supply chains resiliency.

Download the full report here.
Download the summary for the four key industry segments here.
Download the summary for the following markets below:
China Mainland – Available in English and Simplified Chinese
Hong Kong – Available in English and Traditional Chinese
Japan – Available in English and Japanese
Malaysia – Available in English
Philippines – Available in English
Singapore – Available in English  
South Korea – Available in English and Korean
Taiwan – Available in English and Traditional Chinese
Thailand – Available in English and Thai
Vietnam – Available in English and Vietnamese

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