5 things that might surprise you from UPS’s first Jobs & Opportunity Report

‘My story is the result of the opportunities provided to me and my family by UPS’
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What’s new: UPS unveiled its first-ever Jobs and Opportunity Report, celebrating the career paths of its more than 400,000 U.S. small package employees.

Why it matters: The report doesn’t just feature stats, figures and numbers – it showcases the people building their dream careers every single day.

Here are a few takeaways you might be surprised to know:

  1. 📈 It’s the whole package: UPS employees enjoy the best pay and pensions in the industry – there’s no way around it.  On average, full-time package delivery drivers earn $95,000 per year in wages, plus an additional $50,000 in healthwelfare and pension contributions, for a total compensation of about $145,000. Wow!
  2. 🎓 Learnin’ while you’re earnin’: While UPS’s hourly jobs don’t require a college degree, higher education is a dream for many. Since 1997, over 141,000 part-time employees have benefitted from $380 million in tuition assistance. And UPS’s Earn & Learn program provides $25,000 in lifetime assistance.
  3. 👪 Find your security: UPS has one of the strongest and longest-standing promote-from-within cultures of any company in America. In 2021, 14,000 part-time employees advanced to full-time roles in the company. And 35,000 seasonal employees were hired into permanent positions following peak season the same year.
  4. 🤝 A partnership: UPS is proud to have worked collaboratively with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for almost 100 years and is the largest employer of Teamsters in the world. Today, some 330,000 employees are Teamsters-represented.
  5. 🦺 Unparalleled safety and training expertise: UPS has some of the safest drivers in the world, with more than 10,500 current drivers inducted into the Circle of Honor – a distinction celebrating those who have not experienced a preventable accident for 25 years or more. That safety mindset extends across the organization, with 3,200 employee-led safety committees in U.S. facilities alone.

All of these takeaways help explain why UPSers stay, with kids following in their parents’ footsteps and spouses working together. Over 90,000 part-time employees have been with the company more than two years and 59,000 full-time Teamsters with UPS for more than five years(!).

Bonus round: Did you know that UPS EVP and President U.S. Nando Cesarone started as a package handler?

“At 18, I was a student at York University when I started as a UPS preloader. In the 1990s, I saw the tuition reimbursement program as a valuable resource in my professional journey – eventually earning my MBA. Today, I’m president of our U.S. operations. Like many others, my story is the result of the opportunities provided to me and my family by UPS.”

Read the full UPS Jobs and Opportunity Report here and get to know some of the faces behind the numbers here

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