Real employee benefits

Find out more about what the best benefits in the industry really mean for our employees and their families.
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At UPS, the benefits package we offer leads the industry, regardless of their title or life circumstances. Our full- and part-time union employees have access to healthcare with $0 in premiums, pension benefits, tuition assistance, and paid vacations, holidays, and option days. Keep reading to learn more.

Whether an employee is a part-time package handler working to further their education or pursuing a passion project on the side, or a full-time driver supporting family commitments, such as putting their children through college, our benefits programs can help employees achieve their goals.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Both full- and part-time* Teamster-represented employees are offered healthcare benefits with no premiums and very low or no co-insurance and co-pays.
  • Paid vacation ranges from 1 week for a year of service to up to 7 weeks for 30 years of service. Nearly half of UPS full-time drivers have at least 15 years with the company and receive a minimum of four weeks of vacation per year. Employees receive an average of 18 additional days off, including holidays, sick leave, and option days, which are designed to  give our employees choice and flexibility with time off. 
  • Our part-time employees also earn paid vacations, holidays, and option days.
  • UPS contributes more than $23,000 per year to each full-time employee’s defined benefit pension plan, which supports generous pension benefits.
  • We support pension benefits for part-time employees as well. In fact, we are one of a few companies where vested retired part-time employees receive pension benefits. Only 10% of U.S. part-time workers have access to a defined benefit pension plan.
  • Tuition assistance has been an important part of our total rewards package for part-time employees for more than 25 years, providing additional financial support and flexibility to part-time employees who are also college students.

Did you know: In addition to strong benefits, UPS also provides our drivers with industry-leading pay. Full-time UPS package car drivers make, on average, about $95,000 per year, plus another $50,000 in contributions to health, welfare and pension benefits. After four years in the position, a full-time UPS package car driver makes, on average, $42 an hour in wages.

*Part-time employees are eligible after a short waiting period.

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