How one father turned UPS into a family tradition

‘You have to plant the seeds and grow roots’
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Ask around, and you’ll find out automotive mechanic Clinton Robinson is a role model to all. With almost 23 years of service at UPS, his strong work ethic has helped him provide for his family. And today, five of his seven children have built UPS careers of their own.

Humble beginnings: Clinton’s family emigrated from Jamaica to the U.S. in search of a better life. Passionate about education, his mother encouraged him to either go to college or take up a trade. This gentle push led Clinton to seek an automotive certificate.

Clinton would first encounter UPS in 2000 after hearing about an automotive mechanic job opening from his brother-in-law, who also worked at UPS. The rest is history.

Fast forward to now: As his children took an interest in working at UPS, Clinton made sure they were serious about the commitment.

“You have to plant the seeds and grow roots,” Clinton said. “The times we are living in are not easy; you can’t run from job to job.”

Clinton’s sons Robert, CJ Jr., Kadeem and Brandon are UPS drivers in South Florida. His daughter, Climari, is a part-time supervisor in Miami.

Automotive manager Roberto Marrero says he looks to the seasoned mechanic to mentor others. “He’s a wealth of knowledge and an anchor to our operation,” Roberto said.

Today, Clinton most enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. “Your blessing from God is your kids,” he said with pride. “I would not change anything in my life.”

Did you know? UPS jobs and careers are among the best and highest paying in the industry.

  • After four years, a full-time UPS delivery driver earns the top rate and makes, on average $95,000 a year
  • UPS’s management ranks include more than 18,000 employees (or 55%) who were promoted into management from union positions.   

And Clinton is far from the only parent making UPS a family affair. Read more stories of families working together:

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