A thirst for safety: UPS driver wants you to stay hydrated

Rene Acosta is on a mission to keep his co-workers safe.
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Rene Acosta comes to work each morning thinking about a lot of things – how many packages he has in his truck, his schedule for the day, catching up with his regulars. But more than anything, Rene is thinking about his health.

“I get up every morning, go run a mile and make breakfast,” Rene says. “I keep a bottle of water in the front of my truck. I'm constantly, at every stop light or sign, taking a drink of water.” 

The pro tip straight from Rene? Hydration is everything. As a wellness champion and safety committee member, Rene is one of the thousands of UPS employees who dedicate time each day to encouraging fellow drivers to think about their choices. 

“Everyone’s body is different. We educate drivers as much as we can because you’ve got to know your body,” Rene said. 

Close to home: Rene’s mission to take care of his co-workers was shaped by the tragic death of a family member. The loss of his brother to liver cancer drives Rene to encourage others to make good choices and take care of each other.  

“I can’t wait to get home to my last stop every day, my family. Safety is my number one goal.”

A group of UPS employees talking together in a facility.

Did you know? UPS collaborates directly with our employees to drive excellence in health and safety.  

  • In 2023, we increased our investment in safety training to more than $409 million to help prepare UPSers to work safely year-round. This represents a $66 million increase from our total investments in 2022. 
  • Across the U.S., we have more than 2,600 Comprehensive Health & Safety Process (CHSP) committees in UPS facilities. CHSP committees consist of hourly employees and management who perform facility and equipment audits, recommend work process changes and provide safety compliance training.  
  • We hold local educational events throughout the summer to emphasize the importance of health and hydration. 

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