R-E-S-P-E-C-T … find out what it means to Valerie Olude

Appreciation a two-way street for local #ThankAUPSHero
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What’s the story: Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4 and is a reminder that a thankful spirit – like a rising tide lifting all boats – improves trust and togetherness. HR Geo Services Supervisor Valerie Olude of Jacksonville, Florida is a good example of how one person elevates those around her.

Why it matters: “To me, appreciation is recognizing, acknowledging and showing sincere gratitude toward someone for what they do,” said Valerie. “Appreciation is so important because ‘what gets rewarded, gets repeated.’ If someone is making a positive difference and is appreciated for it, chances are they will continue to make a difference.”

Valerie sets a standard worth following.

“Valerie is a great example of someone who passes the preesh and receives plenty in return. We can all learn from her authentic way of connecting with others,” said Tom Pizzuti, vice president of HR planning.

What her teammates are saying: Those who work with Valerie see her impact and influence every day.

  • “Early on, I could hear Valerie’s knowledge, experience and confidence; but what really stood out was how her partners, teammates, and direct reports talked about her. She gets so much respect from them. She puts her all into everything she touches, works any hour necessary, and gives everyone around her the same measure of respect.” Winona Marks, HR geo services manager
  • “Words can’t describe the respect and admiration I have for Valerie. She’s been an instrumental part of my personal growth and is an outstanding leader, mentor and role model. I jokingly call her my ‘guardian angel.’ She’s the most passionate, sincere and professional leader I’ve ever worked for; and she’s a bright and shining star.” Ricky Peguero, an HR geo services administrator on Valerie’s team
  • “Valerie is the best boss ever. Her willingness to share knowledge, and her true interest in promoting her team is amazing. I’m happy and proud to work with her.” Ana Martinez-Pinedo, HR geo services part-time supervisor

#ThankAUPSHero: Appreciation isn’t confined to a single day. You can extend your gratitude to UPSers anytime:

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