All eyes on Expo 2020 Dubai

Experience UPS innovations at this year’s greatest show at the world’s fair
KickoffExpo2020_HIVEA_1440x752.jpg KickoffExpo2020_HIVEA_768x760.jpg KickoffExpo2020_HIVEA_1023x960.jpg

Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to attract millions of visitors from more than 190 countries. The world’s fair was delayed a year but opened Oct. 1 with extra safety protocols in place to highlight how the world has adapted to change and innovated despite COVID-19 challenges.

Years of planning and construction have gone into the world’s fair, to showcase collaboration and creativity from around the globe.

Here are two ways UPS, as the Official Logistics Partner, will demonstrate its commitment to innovation and deliver one of the most sustainable expos in history:

  1. Operation of electrically assisted cycles and two Arrival vehicle prototypes onsite. These alternative fuel vehicles will enhance each visitor’s experience at the expo with improved air quality and reduced emissions, and show how UPS is advancing sustainable delivery solutions.
  2. Every package shipped at the UPS Expo 2020 customer counters will be carbon free with UPS purchasing carbon offsets for each shipment to mitigate its environmental impacts.

The event – the first world expo hosted by the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region – runs through March 31, 2022.

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